Eydie Balsam, MSW, EdM

Executive Director

Hi there, I am Eydie.


Most importantly, I have been in your shoes, first as a student going through the college (and graduate school) application process, and most recently as a mom, who has not yet lost her SH*T while her three kids go through the college admissions process.


While my experiences include working at a university, traveling across the country to speak with students about their experiences at college, visiting countless colleges/universities, and for the past decade, working with students thru their college admissions journey have trained me, it is my own experiences with my children that has truly honed my philosophy that the college admissions process can be fun!

I have two Masters Degrees in Education and Social Work, a certification in College Counseling, and serve as a member for numerous professional organizations, but my education as a mom of 3 teenagers, the oldest having just completed her freshman year in college, and the next entering the process is where I learned how to lean in and enjoy the process.


Balancing out my family and professional life, I like to spend time with family, read or listen to books or podcasts, drink good wine, connect with my “besties,” meet new people, and take long walks with my true “soulmate” – my dog Yogi!

Moms, Dads etc…. I will offer you the  “space” to ask questions and share ideas … and have you feel comfortable enough to “bi**ch” along the way!


Students…if you are reading…I will offer you a realistic and exciting way to approach the college and admissions process. I promise to “tell it like it is,” not lie or sugar coat (because in the end that delays the process).


The process won’t be easy (and I can’t promise some door slamming here and there), but if you stick with it (and me), I will make the journey a rewarding one.


There will be highs and lows, but we will celebrate the milestones along the way.

Professional Associations

  • American School Counselor Association

  • Massachusetts School Counselor Association

  • Higher Education Consultants Association

  • National Association of College Admissions Counselors

  • New England Association for College Admission Counseling ​ ​

Eydie Balsam

Email: ebalsam@gbcaas.com

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