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Navigating the path for students and their families on their journey to higher education


High school students face many choices – not only what colleges to choose from, but also what steps are right for them in selecting the right schools, essays, tests, and much more.  And, each student has their own, unique path.


Head Toward College partners with our students and their family to find their path.  Our goal is for each student to have a list of acceptances to schools that truly match who they are, who they want to become, and give them the tools and confidence to be successful once they get there.


Head Toward College understands and embraces that each student is unique. However, they may not know yet how to tap into their individuality.

We collaborate with our students to create personalized actions plans to achieve their goals by:

  • Understanding their strengths

  • Uncovering hidden potentials

  • Setting realistic and achievable goals for each step in their high school career and college admission process

  • Giving them the tools to make their acceptance decisions

Our team takes our collective experience in college counseling, student affairs, and academic research to offer each student strategies and tools with an innovative and individualized approach to help them take control of their high school experience and their college admission process

Eydie Balsam

Email: ebalsam@gbcaas.com

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