• Eydie Balsam

30 days has September...30 tips to get us through. Tip #1

Welcome to September. Wow - did I really say that? Yup, I did. Not only is it September 1, it is day one of my 30 tips to get you through the college admissions process.

Tip # 1 - There is no perfect road to college, but on each route, no matter in which direction we go we have the opportunity to grow and discover new things.

Each and every one of our children will take a different path toward college Some will take the straight path, very rarely detouring off the main road, others will stop at every rest stop they pass, some will take the long route making turns and u-turns more often then not, others will throw out the map or ignore WAZE and go their own way and then there are those who will have a hard time even getting out of the driveway.

The process will be messy, the process will be hard, the process is not perfect, but if we embrace the mess, embrace the imperfections, we might just learn something about our children and ourselves in the process.

Stick with me, and I will hold your hand, offer you a shoulder to cry on, act as a sounding board when you want to scream, and of course, will share my tips, advice, humor, and of course, a glass of wine (and perhaps some chocolate) with anyone who wants!

Eydie Balsam


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