• Eydie Balsam

And now we wait....

And now we wait…. The flurry of application season is over - well perhaps there are a few 2/1 deadlines, a few love letters trying to persuade admissions folks that college X is really the student's first choice in hopes of being admitted after being deferred, or a few financial aid appeal letters to be drafted, but for most of those with high school seniors, their/your work for the most is done.

Some of them have heard from one, some, or all of the schools they applied to. Some haven’t heard from any. Some are extremely happy, some are not, and some are just as confused as to where they want to go to college as they were when they started the process. But what they all have in common is the wait. The wait for the next part of their lives to begin.

So let’s take a breath.

For the past 6 - 8 months, it has all been about our kids’ futures. It has all been about the next steps in both their lives. The frenzy of the fall application season and the focus on the future steals precious moments of the NOW from us. We have been so focused on where our kids will be in 6 months or a year from now that it is easy to lose sight of the amazing things that are happening now. And let me tell you, this time flies - wasn’t it just winter break - how can it be Jan 19th already (just 13 SHORT days to my favorite holiday - Ground Hog’s Day, but I digress). And while I know that for the kids who are still waiting for admissions decisions March seems like an eternity, it really isn’t (well this year it is one day further as we are a leap year!)

One of my favorite mantra’s is “we can not control what we can not control” -- and what we can not control the calendar nor time. Every year around this time, I remind my students to: enjoy your senior year - enjoy your friends, your family. Go to the playground and make snow angels on the freshly fallen snow, go to Cabots or JP licks and get your favorite ice cream, stay up later then you should be watching movies, or just hanging with your friends.

Take the T for the first time downtown, go ice skating on the frog pond, go to your younger siblings sporting events, or simply just be. Whatever it is you choose to do, choose to be present. Enjoy the now; for the past 6 months, you were so busy that it was hard to be present, but now you can be. Go make some memories that you can carry with you wherever you go, and don’t focus on the “wherever” part, focus on the now, because “wherever” will come soon enough.

Hoping this waiting period goes smoothly for all of you!

Eydie Balsam


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