• Eydie Balsam

Marathon Monday - 4/20/2020

I went to sleep not sure how I would feel today - Marathon Monday - no I was not planning on running it, I am not even a runner, but I do live on the Marathon Route - and like the runners, we have our Marathon Monday rituals - starting with being woken up at 1:00 am by the cyclists who (seem to grow by the numbers every year) who ride the Marathon Route at midnight the night prior to Marathon Monday. I went to sleep feeling sad for all the runners who have prepared and trained for this day unsure of the feelings I would wake up to.

Surprisingly, I woke up feeling ok. I woke up with a sense of renewed optimism. However, I am not sure why? Today is not like any other Marathon Monday. Today, we will not be awed by the thousands of runners who whiz, wheel or stroll by our house. Yes, I was happy to see Governor Cuomo's news (yes, I watch his -and Governor Baker's - address religiously every day, but I digress) that once again, the numbers are decreasing in NY as well as Boston. Yesterday, it was a beautiful day outside, and that horrible white stuff that fell on Saturday was all but a distant memory. But it was this news that my friend passed along that gave me a glimmer of hope.

See, all along, I have been the optimist in a sea of pessimists; many friends, neighbors, and family members ruminate about the worst - about not going back to life. Headlines from major news sources take one line about what schools are thinking about for next year and turn it into headlines that colleges and universities will not be opening next year. I have refused to believe those headlines and still hold out hope that these options are just being discussed as last case scenarios among a slew of other ideas.

I understand why others don't think this way. I understand how it is easy to think the worst. But, I really think that we will figure this whole new way of life out, I truly believe that kids will be able to see their friends, hold summer jobs or go back to camp and in the fall go back to school. And this news out of GW helps fuel my positivity.

So I think today, Marathon Monday, I will make my coffee and attempt to make donuts (since I am not making my early morning run to Dunkin), sit outside with my family and enjoy even the smallest glimmer of hope for our return to life

Eydie Balsam


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