Nora, a junior at an independent school outside of Boston, came to us at the end of her junior year. She was unhappy with the results from her most recent SAT. With a customized study plan, Nora was able to raise her score 250 points in just 6 weeks.

Jack, a senior at a local high school told his parents he wanted to study for the SAT on his own over the summer. After taking the August exam he realized that he needed some support, especially in math, so his parents contacted us. After reviewing his previous test results we quickly realized that Jack had a good foundation, but was not applying his skills to the tests kind of questions. We customized our approach to focus on particular questions we knew Jack could answer correctly and to re-teach areas of math that he had forgotten so he could see success in areas where he was struggling. On the October exam, his math score went up 160 points!

Christie came to us during the spring of her junior year. She had worked with another tutor for a few months on the SAT and she had hit a wall.  She could not seem to raise her scores, and in fact, she saw a decrease in her scores between the March and May exams.  After reviewing the scores and analyzing her answers, we switched gears to focus on the ACT. Using some of the skills she already learned from her early preparation and combining them with new approaches, after 6 weeks she took the ACT and scored a 33!

Jacob, a rising junior, came to us when his parents worried that anxiety would prevent him from doing well on the ACT/SAT.  Jacob was very bright, though he struggled with debilitating test anxiety. After I had Jacob take practice tests, we decided that the SAT would be a better test for his skill set. Jacob had time over the summer to study, so we decided together that if Jacob could put in the time, he could sit for the first round of testing early in his junior year (most students wait until later until the spring). Our principle that sitting for the test early would give Jacob practice in a real test situation, because the more experience he had in the test setting, the better he would feel about it. Moreover, if he did as well as we projected, he could relax and focus on junior year, without the test hanging over his head. Jacob followed our plan, took the SAT in the fall, and scored higher than expected. He was then able to put the testing part of the college process behind him.

Eydie Balsam


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